Friday, July 31, 2009

Montgomery Mountjoy Seamus McGuigan

Introducing Monty

Today's intention was to venture into the centre of Tripoli to purchase some new DVD's from the 1 and 1/2 dinar (75p) DVD store, where you can get good copies of good movies.
However, due to the mice escapade, I ventured back into the horrific "pet abbatoir" I mentioned in my previous post "Of All the Pet Shops In The World" (dated Friday, April 3, 2009), in an attempt to buy some form of normal mouse traps for the little visitors to my apartment.
I however, ended up with Monty. (And no DVD's or mousetraps!)
Monty is a tiny little maltese terrier who looked barely alive in his cage when we initally stumbled upon him - he didn't respond to our attempts to rouse him by tapping on his cage and cooing at him.
The heat, stench, noise and overbearing atmosphere of the crazy pet store made it impossible not to rescue this gorgeous little pup. (He was surrounded by overcrowed cages of animals, alsations barking with their heads hanging out of their chewed metal cages, a great hawk was sitting proudly on top of another cage with just a metal cuff on his leg). The workers in the shop care nothing for the animals, they will just pick any animal you are looking at out of the cage and throw them to the floor.
Underfed, overheated, salivating with thirst, flea and tick ridden with patches of his hair missing Monty marched happily out of the pits of his hell with us and started his journey as the luckiest pup in Libya.
Without even a glance back . . .

After a good bath and a much needed shave to remove the matted clumps of hair on his body. This shows the state of his skin from the endless gnawing at the ticks, fleas and uncomfortable clumps.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bugs, Jumping Spiders, Cockroaches and .....

As if the bugs, jumping spiders and hideous cockroaches were not enough to deal with, I now have mice!

This is due to the unfortunate humongous gap underneath my front door which seems to be a welcome sign for any creature to come in and bring their families, friends and associates in for a party. Not ideal for a complete paranoid android like myself who finds a wasp back in the UK very hard to deal with (much to the amusement of my lovely brother and sister who think I am the world's biggest chicken).

Given the fact that I have decided to move out to North Africa, I know a certain amount of "bug" toleration is mandatory but MICE??? Far too much for me to deal with....

I have had maintenance from my company around to my apartment to get rid of these delightful little visitors and the result has been a couple of Libyan mousetraps - a small square of cardboard, a huge dollop of extra strong superglue and a chunk of cheese. This means that said little mouse crawls up to get the cheese and then gets stuck in the glue and your job then is to kill the mouse by beating it over the head.

I'm not happy but am trying to maintain my cool.

For now.