Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wimax Your Way Forward

Returning from London was made 10 times worse by the fact that I no longer had the usage of my neighbours wireless internet connection as he had moved to another apartment.

A week later however and I found my wireless saviour in Wimax.

It cost me 550 Libyan Dinars for a years subscription. (Which is the equivalent to £274 - and therefore a monthly cost of approximately £22) Not cheap conisdering where I am but at the same time it is perfect for me and keeps me connected.

Wimax speeds vary but as a whole it is quick (certainly alot quicker than the adsl provided here) and it is reliable. I have had about 3 occasions where the wimax was down and this usually is at times when the rest of the mobile and internet networks are having issues.

Highly recommend this as a source of internet for anyone who comes to live in Tripoli for a year or over. No phoneline necessary, just a plug in dongle which you can take with you anywhere.

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