Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another day, Another Dinar...

Well it’s my final day of complete isolation and being totally out of the loop in terms of my schedule! A representative from my new company will come to pick me up at 7:30am (ouch!) tomorrow morning and will take me to complete any formalities – working visa & medical etc. From there I will at least be given an idea as to when I will be moving in to my apartment in the expat community and when I will begin work.

**Newsflash** I got out of the hotel room tonight! I was picked up by a middle man who has arranged this position for me and two of his colleagues. What a relief it was to see them and to get taken out to see what the city is actually like beyond the hotel.Was still being stared at like never before and it was a freezing evening but we went for coffee and a shisha (which costs from £1 - £3 here!! ) and then I had the best chicken shwarma ever – spicy chicken, potato, onion and chilly in a lovely soft pancake style wrap.

AHhhh the simple things do delight after a few days spent alone!