Thursday, March 19, 2009

Arriving in Libya

(Bab El Bahr Hotel - "Gateway to the Sea")

Wowsers, the day has eventually come where I’ve abandoned all I know and somehow have ended up travelling to Tripoli, Libya to work for a major Oil Company.The enormity of this doesn't hit me until I arrive in Tripoli International (AHEM!) Airport. Instantly I am in a completely different culture and am completely overwhelmed. The arrivals section is thriving as there are hoards of people surrounding the gates welcoming those arriving from flights. There is a very heavy military presence in the airport and the majority of people there are male. Everyone stares at me like I am some sort of alien arriving from a different planet.

I left the airport, into the warm humid breeze of Tripoli with a representative from my company. A very friendly gentleman however an utterly crazy driver. As he drove me to my hotel I clutched the seats as he swerved all over the motorway and went straight through red lights.

Upon arrival to the hotel he told me he would pick me up on Sunday morning and promptly left. (It is Thursday – Friday and Saturday is the Libyan weekend),

The lack of sleep and emotions surrounding leaving London alongside the total feeling of abandonment at the hotel is all too much as I retreat to my room for the rest of the evening and night.