Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can’t sleep, Won’t sleep...

So this is why God invented coffee? As a coffee virgin I have to say WOAHHHHHHHHH to the liquid crack for the masses, what a blessing it is!

Throughout the working day today I have had sudden moments where I have looked around me and been stuck in a real surreal moment thinking what the hell am I doing here?

I miss my family and loved ones badly right now. It's not like I have been away for very long, today is only day 6, but I think it's more the knowledge that I won't be seeing them for at least 6 months which makes me miss them so much more.

Still have to keep reminding myself why I am here and the benefits of what I’m doing.

I’m also filled with anxiety about the move to the compound, today I was told I will be moving to a different apartment than the one I have already seen and that it will be ready to move in to tomorrow. Having just settled into the dramatic change and gotten used to the hotel being my safe haven, I am really starting to dread the fact that I have to move now. Change is never easy.

How and ever, a lovely Irish expat has taken me under her wing, she went shopping with me today and has been extremely kind and generous. She also lives at the compound and will be leaving the office with me tomorrow to help me move in and has invited me over for dinner. Decent grub at last!