Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Two And Nothing Much To Do!

(The View From My Hotel Room)
After a LONG nights sleep I wake up ready to embrace Tripoli – but first I have to eat!
I venture out of the hotel room and grab my first Libyan meal at the hotel restaurant. This consists of couscous, lamb, salad and Libyan soup! Happy that I have tasted the cuisine but really disappointed in the flavours and the fatty, oily meat!

Next, armed with my camera I leave the hotel room in the hope of catching a bit of the local culture – this however turns from a fantastic idea to a disappointing reality. Practically every car that comes by with men in it horns or stops! I have numerous offers of a lift, phone numbers and friendship! Nervous and frustrated, halfway down the road I quickly turn on my heels and head straight back to the hotel.

The weather is lovely and warm, so determined not to retreat to my hotel room I go to the back of the hotel and sit by the sea, watching three fishermen catch fish and crabs. It’s idyllic, calm and completely peaceful – a world away from the hustle and bustle of London. I am the only person sitting at this vast stretch of sea besides the three fishermen in the water!!

Back at the hotel the staff are all extremely friendly and hospitable, everyone either knows my name or calls me "sister". In general the Libyan people come across as a lot more warmer than in the West - they eminate a strong element of goodness and kindness which is very refreshing!