Thursday, March 26, 2009

The longest day so far...It’s Moving Day ....

One week later and hallelujah I’m in my own apartment.

Quite sad to have left Bab El Bahr hotel - it was starting to feel like home for me in Libya! The staff have been so friendly, respectful, genuine and helpful. I can’t think of anywhere where I have experienced such homely hospitality (apart from at home!) Can you believe that they actually called me to ensure that I had arrived at my new apartment safely and that it was all to my liking?The hotel life is not a bad one at all, I can now see what it must be like to be an old fashioned lazy man, come home from work, have your meals prepared, your laundry done....ahhhh what a life!

In terms of the apartment,I finally seem to be able to quote the phrase.."the luck of the Irish", as after hearing the experiences of other expats, I am extremely lucky in terms of the standards and quality of treatment I have been given. (Hate saying it though, as usually when you acknowledge your luck, it quickly runs out!)

This apartment is SO MUCH better than the one I was shown previously, it is practically brand new having not been lived in for the past few years. It has been freshly painted and there is a BRAND NEW toilet, BRAND NEW shower, BRAND NEW bath, BRAND NEW mattress.... I am delighted!

The day itself has been a lengthy haul – on the go non stop since 6am without any food!

There were plumbers, electricians and TV guys in the apartment, fixing up the place for me. Deliveries also came throughout the day including all new kitchen appliances, cutlery, plates, blankets, pillows and so forth. I have been assigned a really nice supervisor from my company who is overseeing my relocation onto the compound. He is a really friendly Libyan who keeps telling me he is like a brother to me and warning me about locking my door and keeping away from men!

Ashamedly at the age of 27 I have never actually lived fully alone, so a part of me is anxious and nervous but then the other part of me is excited to have my own space where I can retreat to everyday after work.

Right outside my apartment there is a huge palm tree and directly in front is the mosque which I’m thinking is good karma and will hopefully bring me blessings and keep me safe during my time in Libya!